Sunday, October 21, 2007

Life continues going fast in VA

Well not much has happened, really the same ol same ol college student life. We had a powderpuff football game a few days ago for Homecoming week,, It was freshman and sophomore girls against junior and senior girls! Needless to say we kicked the underclassmans tails! 21-0 to be exact! We looked pretty intimidating too!
Another fun thing was the homecoming pep rally. The womens basketball team recently finished our fundraiser which is who do you want to see get pied? We raised money for certain professors to see who is going to get pied in the face. Well we had our winners and president Smith was the one to throw the pies,. Let me tell you he THREW them HARD!! Here are a few pictures of all of our happenings.
Sorry the posts havent come sooner, life has been crazy!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Christmas in October

Ok so Greg got really lucky today. I tend to have a problem with suprises, in which I get him presents and I cant keep them from him, well I thought this time would be different! I wanted to get his christmas present early so I could get a really good deal. So I got him a play station 2 with the guitar hero game and an extra guitar! I was so excited! Well it arrived in the mail today, and lo and behold...guess what he has been doing since after practice? I cracked...but atleast he loves it I guess right? So this is what I have had the oppourtunity of looking at for the past few hours..oh how sweet! I love it! Anyway, thats really the only new update with us! Hope all is well with everyone!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Life in Virginia

Well life here in Virginia has been interesting lately!! Very stressful! Greg and I are both in our last year of school, so it is pretty much consuming our lives! We have also both been very busy with sports and work so we shall see! We've spent the past few days watching the baseball playoffs and both of us were dissapointed as the Cubs and Yankees both were eliminated first round of post season...But there is always next year right?! Anyway, nothing very exciting today, but only time will bring exciting things!! We will keep you updated!