Monday, November 24, 2008

My new year..

Here is a picture of my sophomore team...aren't they cute? I am loving it..they are so much fun! The picture on top is actually our coaching staff picture for this year! We have a lot of fun together! I am really blessed to be here. Our first game is tomorrow against Mountain View..wish us luck!!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Our new addition!!

Well....we did it...we got a puppy. Crazy to state, new jobs, new house, and now a new addition to our little family. We found her on Friday night in Draper Ut and we couldn't leave without taking her home..she is so cute! She is a cockapoo...for most of my life I have grown up with a cockapoo named Ralph. He was by far my favorite, and when we moved away from Virginia I missed him alot. Luckily we found a little baby girl cockapoo just like Ralph and I am so excited! We were trying to think of a name for of coarse I started thinking of things I love. One thing I love more than anything is shoes...athletic shoes...NIKE shoes to be specific. Greg and I learned in college that NIKE actually was the greek goddess for Victory, so what better thing to name her than Nike? So here she is...little Nike J Larsen. We love her very much and are very excited to have her in our family! I hope all is well with you all...sorry it's taken me so long. I haven't had internet until tonight!