Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ending the Season

The 3 amigos....I seriously don't know what I would do without these two

Talking with my players during a free throw

Talking with my players in the last few minutes of our last game

This is me stressing players saw this frequently haha
This season was such an amazing one for me. My little sophomore team went from having 11 players, droped to 8 really quickly. They pulled thru though and seriously amazed me how much they all developed. We finished the season 11-9. Which isn't great, but it definitly is a winning record which I was proud of them for. In our very last game we were playing American Fork, we were down 2 with 7 seconds left, one of my posts stole an inbounds pass and threw it inside to our other post. She turned and shot, as the ball left her hands the buzzer went off, her shot went in, and even better the referee called a foul which put her to the line with a chance to win the game. SHE MADE IT! We won by 1 point, talk about an amazing way to finish. I am so proud of these girls, and so thankful I had the oppourtunity to learn as much as I did this season as a coach and an individual. LOVE YA GIRLS!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Our trip to DISNEY!!

So this past weekend for Valentine's day Greg and I went to Disneyland! It is my most favorite place on earth and I was SO happy to go! I am glad we FINALLY had our first Valentine's together!! Thanks so much hunny!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

something extra..

So I was talking to one of my co-workers this week about life and my grandma, she knew that was on my mind this week. I was showing her a poem I wrote a few weeks after my granny passed, she thought it was good so I thought I would share it with you all....have a great day!

The phone rang, I knew exactly
held in the tears, I couldnt cry
I knew you were sick, but I thought you were getting stronger
I didnt want to say goodbye, I thought you had a little longer
I couldnt hear, couldnt speak I just sat there feeling lost
Not thinking that you were really gone, but that line you had crossed
I reached for my phone to call you this morning, but it entered my mind
You wouldnt be on the other end, your voice I wouldnt find
Then it all came down, I broke down, it was like a song
You knew it was coming, thats why you asked me to be strong
I try to act tough, like I am still going on with life
But inside the pain is cutting sharper than a knife
How can something so evil kill someone so perfect
You always think you have more time then the clock is pulled from the circuit
You sang me songs, cooked me meals, taught me about life
I cant explain how losing you has caused so much strife
Someone once said, be happy that they are no longer in pain
So I put on a smile, but when Im alone the tears fall like rain
Its only been a few days, but the hurt is still so strong
I hate the cancer that hurt you for so long
Time is something we must take advantage of before its too late
Soon the tombstone will have your name and date
I know your watching me from aboveand daily I still feel your love
So now im letting out all of the hurt
As they cover your grave with dirt
I know your in a better place
And the pain is no longer on your face
I let one more tear fall, I say it is the last
but it cant be, because life goes too fast
Every time I think of you, a smile and a tear will appear
And I will keep you in my heart, because you were so dear
But I will be strong for you, and live my life to make you smile
And I will be with you in heaven after a while.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Nike....growing so fast

Well...she is growing up fast!! She has gotten so big. My mom keeps asking me to post pictures...well here she is HUGE Nike J. She is getting better about not biting, and coming out of some of her puppy stages. We love her so much!! Hope all is well!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Remembering 2/1/07

Today is a day that is very hard for me...I can't think of any better way than to honor her on my page, as it is the anniversary of her death. 2 years have past since my grandma's death, and as each year passes it seems to get harder rather than easier for me. Yet since I want to remember her, I thought nothing better than to make a list of things that I remember most about her...

1. She always put her kids, grandkids, and husband above herself

2. Quilting was such a passion, something I wish I would have picked up

3. She taught me to play ping wouldn't know it by looking at her but she was a champ!

4. She LOVED baking...and we all LOVED her baking...I still miss the chocolate pies

5. Her singing voice was matter what song it was

6. She told the best stories about her childhood

7. She had a strength of no woman I have ever known

8. She was always there for us no matter what the problem was

9. She never judged

10. Her reaction to when we joked with her...always the same.. "oh stop that.."

11. Her sense of humor

12. For all my life I thought my nostrils were different sizes because I was born permature. I found out right before she died, I actually have the same nose as her.

13. Her hugs were always so matter how weak she had felt

14. She always made you feel important

15. The birthday calls

16. Her love for her parents, was something we should all strive for

17. When she bought shoes with springs in them....I called her Tigger for the whole summer

18. How protective she was of her grandchildren

19. She was at every sporting event...a true fan

20. She was a fighter.

I remember the last thing she told me...something that I will cherish always, and that is, "Know I will always be here for you, and please remember to put those you love in front of yourself."

I love you Granny....and miss you more than this list could ever say.