Monday, July 27, 2009

Trip to VA

This summer we also had a chance to go out to VA to visit my family. My sister in law and her 3 girls are there right now too, so it was good to get to see everyone. We went antique shopping, played card games, went to a park, Don Tequilas and a city fair. It was good to see everyone again and to tell them some good news....

July 4th

Ok...I know its been forever, I have struggled with keeping up with the blog. I figured I would start with the first part of summer that I have pictures of...July 4th was fun. I got to spend the weekend with my siblings and other family members. Greg and I got to play in an all day softball tournament with my brother and sister in law and my brother in law Cory. We took 3rd so overall it was a good day. The next day I ran in a 5k race for a family friend in Soda Springs. It was really fun, I hadn't ran in a race since high school so it was fun to say I completed it.
That night we went back home and hung out with some other family members, and later we met Raquel and Brady and Maryellen and Brandon for fireworks. Overall it was a way fun weekend!