Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I am coaching track now...I absolutely love it! Anyone that knows me, knows I love basketball but track was always something I was much better at! My girls and boys that I coach are so much fun! And I get to hang out with one of my good friends Raquel alot which makes it even better! Here are some pictures from our last trip to St. George for a meet. Raquel and I found the perfect place to nap and tan, I miss the sun :(

It is crazy to me that it has been 2 years already.....I am a little late with this post. We had our anniversary on March 16th! I love that my siblings anniversaries are in the same week as mine, it should make it easy for everyone to remember :). Through everything we have been through good or bad, I know we can take whatever comes. I am thankful to have an amazing guy by my side! Thanks for the past two years hunny!